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Page history last edited by Richard 12 years, 2 months ago

Planning a Draft-Sharing and Informal Peer Review System for Philosophers


About this project:


Academics already solicit and offer each other informal feedback (i.e. outside of the journal peer review process) in a number of ways -- sending drafts to friends, presenting at conferences, etc. But these opportunities are predictably and unfortunately limited by the constraints of existing social networks.  So it would seem desirable to take this informal process, and expand and enhance it by means of appropriate online infrastructure. We could create a website - a global database - to which philosophers could submit their draft papers in exchange for reviewing and rating others' submissions.  [See here for further background.]


Use this wiki to discuss how to turn this plan into reality.  See the 'sidebar' to navigate between specific pages.


N.B. You're welcome to join the discussion by leaving comments, editing any of these pages or creating new ones.  Click here or sign in using the invite key: 'phileditor'.

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